executive interim management

All businesses change.
Leadership gaps happen.
That’s where we come in.


Executive-Level Management
for Tough Business Transitions.

We are in the business of bridging your temporary gaps in leadership. EIM offers the right expertise, ready to “drop-in” to the right place and navigate your business from point A to B.

We Supply Leadership Solutions. 
Plain and Simple.


As executive interim managers, we seamlessly integrate into your business for a limited time with fresh ideas and the authority to act on your behalf to implement a clear performance mandate. We also offer traditional project based consulting services when Interim Managers are not needed.


Highly Qualified

Often overqualified for the assignment with extensive functional and industry experience.

Accountable for results

We have a hands-on approach, require little supervision, and are detail-oriented. We're self-starters skilled at taking strategic and tactical risks to turn plans into action to get the job done.


To meet your challenging deadlines our managers are strong communicators, manage multiple tasks, and respond to changing priorities.

Sound Judgement

Key decisions are made that weigh risks, costs, and impact to achieve the performance mandates while respecting the client’s core values and principles.

Great COmmunicators

Deliver the right message in a direct, apolitical manner while demonstrating passion, energy, and command of the situation. Comfortable speaking with customers, all workers at any level, vendors, external investors and Board of Directors.

Flexible Terms

Available on a contract basis to work at any location, you can hire us for short-term assignments or longer-term positions with flexible terms that save you money.

We Bridge the Gap from Chaos to Calm

Whether your business is just starting up, growing fast, or needs consolidation, we design the right leadership services for you by directly addressing your unique set of business circumstances and challenges.


The First Three Steps to a Successful Transition Management Experience

1. seek the right role

We’re often hired by a company’s Board or CEO to ascertain, validate, and fix weak performance areas and then attract investment or deploy exit strategies. Landing the right leader is a part of what we do. We specialize in the following roles and challenging work environments for both privately held companies as well as large corporate divisions:


Operations Management

CEO  •  President  •  COO



CFO  •  Finance Division VP


Project Consultant



2. leverage our industry experience

The right industry experience is essential. Whether you’re facing M&A integrations, need to fix growth & consolidate performance, attract new investors, or deploy exit strategies, each industry presents different challenges. These are some of the industries in our wheelhouse:



We lead changes related to Corporate IT outsourcing management, software product development, commercial launch & installations, and on-going professional services and customer support.



We know the nuts & bolts across a wide range of processes and products, such as rubber & plastics, industrial goods, building materials and computers & electronics.



Health Care

We help navigate the challenges that surround medical devices, therapeutics and lab services.

3. share a vision for where you want to go


Change is hard. Change without direction is harder. We work to set the right goals with the right ideas to get your business where it needs to be. The destination is a lot easier to get to if you’ve been there before. We'll help show you the way.


We Add Value in Times of Change. 

The right expertise deployed to the right location at the right time. 


Get quick access to highly qualified executives, flexibility to adjust to changing priorities, and improved performance regardless of whether the challenges are inherently positive (start-ups, growth) or negative (downsizing). Either way, you maintain control to turn off the expenses when the problem is solved.

Gaps we’ve helped our clients bridge:

Private Equity portfolio company operations management

Prepare a business for sale, deploy exit strategy

Merger & Acquisition preparation and post M&A integration

Hold the Fort during loss of a key executive

Launch and manage start-ups or corporate-spin-offs

Consolidate international operations (not a turnaround situation)



Handle subsidiary or remote-site challenges until a permanent solution can be approved and implemented

We’re here for You.
Let’s Talk.  

We know that tumultuous times with difficult business challenges call for the right confident solutions. 


We’re Team E.I.M.

Our outlook is the brightest when yours may not be. Get in touch with us and let us know what challenges you’re facing, and how we can help. 

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